Sunday, August 7, 2011

Erotica: Elizabeth and Ruby

Through the foggy pane of glass, Elizabeth could make out the form of her young maid. She looked almost angelic in the falling drizzle, her hair curling around her forehead and neck to make a sort of bright halo about her features. Ruby had been working for Elizabeth for nearly two month’s now, and they had fallen into quite the routine. Every morning the younger woman would rise to fetch her widow mistress water, heating it up for tea, sweetened with a bit of honey and a sprinkle of cinnamon. She’d then carry the drink upstairs on a tray, sitting it aside as she brushed through her mistress’s hair. Ruby had begun to enjoy this part of the morning, running her pale and slender fingers again and again through the older woman’s locks. She found herself taking time to work out the knots that sleep had made, teasing at them gently with the bristles of the wide, silver brush. 

Today though, was a morning unlike most. It had been raining for three days straight, or so it seemed, and the water was rising so that even leaving the house to fetch milk or eggs or even water became a chore. When Ruby finally ducked back in out of the rain, Elizabeth had gone downstairs to meet her, holding out a shawl to pull around the young woman’s shoulders. Ruby gave a bit of a start at the greeting of her mistress just inside and her cheeks flushed a quick pink. “Ms. Elizabeth, are you alright? Is something wrong? Might I fetch you something?” A look of concern touched Ruby’s features but it was slowly drawn away as Elizabeth shook her head, her darker hair brushing against her own flushed cheeks. “No. No, nothing’s wrong, Ruby. I’d only feared you catch cold out like that. I thought you’d like something warm.” 

Something warm indeed! Ruby frowned again and stepped up to take the shawl from her mistress, but Elizabeth drew back a step. “You ought to take that wet dress off first, Ruby dear.” Such endearing words caught the maid by surprise, and again her cheeks grew red. Ruby stared on at her mistress and slowly shook her head, her hands pressing against her chilled arms, water dripping lazily from her mussed, blonde hair. “Oh, Miss! I shan’t change here! Someone might see!”

But Elizabeth had thought of it already. “Ruby, no one is here. They’ve gone for today. Back to their families and friends for an evening off.” A smile gently teased at Elizabeth’s lips, her hands shivering just slightly as she kept the knit shawl raised. “Now, remove your shoes first, and then you’re stockings. I shall hang them by the fire to dry them.” Ruby watched a moment longer before reluctantly setting aside her pail of water, reaching down to undo the buckles at her shoes. Her fingers were slow, chilled by the morning air and rain and she fumbled aimlessly a moment before slipping the buckle through. Her stockings came next, her hands sliding beneath her skirt to tug down gently the thin fabric. Beneath it, her legs were equally pale, and rather slender. Even her ankles were thin, her feet bare now against the wood floor. Elizabeth watched as Ruby sat aside the stockings, standing up again and eyeing her mistress with growing attention. Whatever was going on here? Surely Ms. Elizabeth did not expect her to change there in the parlor! Surely she did not expect her to stand shivering before her in nothing but her skivvies!

That, of course, was exactly what Elizabeth had demanded and she waited until Ruby was again standing before her, before again speaking up. “Let down your hair, Ruby.” The younger woman’s jaw dropped just slightly, but she felt beneath her dampened shirt, the quickening of her heart. She thought for a moment it might escape her completely, but with trembling hands she reached up to pull the pins from her hair, letting the blonde curls fall at her shoulders. Elizabeth watched and held her breath as the pins were pulled away, feeling her own body react in ways she could not explain. Her own pulse quickened; her eyes grew wide and nervous; even that place that lay secret between her legs grew desperately damp, and she shifted to rub her thighs together in nervous apprehension and expectation. Drawing her gaze back to Ruby, Elizabeth spoke in a near whisper. “You’re dress, Ruby. You’re dress is far too wet. It must come off.”

At this, Ruby could scarcely breathe! Her heart again raged at her breast and heaved wildly beneath the fabric she was summoned to remove. “Ms...” Ruby started to admit concern, but her words were overtaken by a breathless moan; a sight that fell wantonly from her dampened lips. Slowly, still nervous fingers moved to the buttons that ran down her front, undoing them slowly. The small round, white buttons slid carefully from their holes, until the dull white of her chemise showed through. Elizabeth’s breath caught in her throat and she found her hands clutching the shawl, bunching the fabric in her fists. “You’re shimmy...” Elizabeth spoke in a feverish whisper, her feet near plastered to the wooden floor. She could not move! She could not breathe! She slowly let her hands drop, still holding the shawl, but forgetting she intended to wrap it around her naked maid. Instead, Elizabeth watched as the dress was drawn away and stepped out of, lying finally in a puddle on the floor. Before her stood the slender girl, now naked and shivering, her arms at her sides and her jaw gaping just slightly.

Oh, how terribly Elizabeth wanted to hold her! To touch her; to kiss her mouth, her neck, her breasts. She wanted to pull her over by her curved hips and bite against the gentle swell of rounded breasts and take finally into her mouth the hardened, pinkish nipples that perked out from the smooth contours. Elizabeth wanted to taste the younger girl; to lick what parts of her she’d only ever imagined enjoying, all those nights as she lay up in bed, knowing that only a few feet away rest her maid in her own gown. She wondered if Ruby ever slid her hand up beneath her gown and fondled, thinking of what it might be like to share a bed with her dear Mistress. Surely not, Elizabeth reasoned! Surely Ruby was too pure and sweet and good to know how desperate she wanted her. Surely...?

Elizabeth watched Ruby a moment more, shivering there naked. She let her gaze drop to between the girl’s legs, to the patch of pale, curled hair. This time it was Elizabeth that shivered and she dropped the shawl, letting the knitting fall to the floor without a sound. When she moved next, it felt as though she did so independent of her body, her feet willed into motion by some unseen being. She stepped over the shawl she’d dropped; over the clothes that Ruby had shed, and then pushed aside whatever garments lay in her way, until she stood before her naked maid. Ruby had drawn her own lip between her teeth and was biting at it, but did not flinch with Elizabeth lifted her hand to tuck back her maid’s light curls. Not a word was said in that moment, and Ruby wondered if perhaps she’d gone deaf. Not even the rain that had picked up outside could be heard over the beating of their hearts.

“Put your mouth on me.” The words that fell from Elizabeth’s lips took even her by surprise. Her cheeks blushed and her hands reached out to hold onto Ruby as though to keep from falling over into the mess of clothes that lay on the floor. Gentle fingers wrapped about Ruby’s slender hips, much less curved than her Mistress’s. Elizabeth held onto her even as Ruby stepped closer, her lips parting carefully as she studied Elizabeth’s face. Did she really want this? All those nights of light banter and smiles and touches... had been for this? Had -meant- all this? Ruby’s hands raised tentatively until her palms touched lightly against Elizabeth’s face. The young girl’s thumbs brushed over Elizabeth’s lips and then ran down her chin to her throat. For a moment, Elizabeth thought that Ruby was planning to choke her! - but instead, the younger woman’s hands continued to Elizabeth’s shoulders, wrapping around her gently to pull herself up to Elizabeth’s lips. And then she kissed her, gently at first, and then a bit more fiercely, until her mouth searched Elizabeth’s in a desperate dance. A moan fell sweet and heavy from Elizabeth’s mouth into Ruby’s, and she tightened her grip at the young woman’s hips. “Oh, Ruby. Ruby. Ruby.” Elizabeth murmured against her mouth; moving only to catch her breath and to tilt her head and catch Ruby’s neck.

Ruby then let out a moan of her own, one that seemed to mix with pleasure and surprise. Her arms tightened around her female lovers shoulders and she found her hips pressing slightly more towards her. They kissed that way for no more than a moment though when Elizabeth finally pushed her maid back, stepping forward so that Ruby’s back finally hit against the door she’d come in moments before all wet from the morning’s rain. Now they were wet for different reasons, the space between their legs growing damp and damper still in expectation of what they both knew was coming; of what they both wanted, and had wanted for so long, and could no longer put off. “Put your mouth here.” Elizabeth whispered against her lover’s hair, her breath hot. Elizabeth had moved her fingers to her neck, pushing back slightly the collar of her dress. Ruby did as she was asked and moved her lips against her skin, kissing and nibbling. Ruby could taste the salt at Elizabeth’s skin and she grabbed then, as though fueled on by desperation, the fabric of her mistress’s dress. Elizabeth helped her, undoing the buttons from the bottom as Ruby undid them from the top. They managed to meet halfway and Elizabeth stepped from her dress until she stood in nothing but a shimmy, pale and nearly see-through. Ruby’s body grew only more tense and she was thankful when Elizabeth again tugged her close, her arms having again snaked around her waist. Elizabeth drew a few quick steps back, with Ruby held close in her arms, dragging her it seemed to the kitchen table that sat there in the front kitchen, used mostly to prepare meals, not to serve them.

“Lie down.” Elizabeth growled against Ruby’s neck, moving so that Ruby’s bare backside hit against the wooden platform. Elizabeth helped her up on the table and Ruby leaned back. The table was cool against her skin and she flinched at first, then arched her back against it. Elizabeth watched her writhe for a moment and then leaned to kiss the very start of the younger woman’s pubic mounds. “Don’t you dare move.” This was spoken as a whisper, and when Elizabeth disappeared upstairs, Ruby let slip a slight whimper of agony. Oh, God! Let her come back! Let her come back and put her mouth against me again! The girl thought over and over until finally there came the sound of creaking stairs, and Elizabeth appeared quite naked, and holding something rather secretly in her hands behind her back.

The slightly older girl moved over and stood at the end of the table, slightly between her lover’s legs. She gazed at her a moment and let her eyes trace up her form, back down, and up again. Finally she spoke. “Do you trust me? Tell me you trust me, Ruby. Tell me you do.” She was nearly begging now, her eyes wild as she held in her hand a secret thing she’d not intended to ever bring out; that she’d not intended to tell the world she even owned! -let alone to use it against such a fragile, gentle, soft spoken angel as the one that now lay naked, sprawled out, legs part on her cooking table. When Ruby finally whispered back, once more aching her back, Elizabeth smiled, just slightly and raised from secret the strange device.

Connected to a leather strap there was an interesting sort of thing. It was long and hard and obviously meant to seem as much like a male member as possible. An odd shiver came over Ruby when she recognized this, and her hips bucked up just slightly in desperation to feel the leather contraption slid into her form. Her body ached for it; begged and called for it. She could scarcely breath for want! Elizabeth though took her time in undoing it’s metallic buckle, sliding the leather harness on her slender form. It fit a bit loosely, but she adjusted it, positioning the head of the leather, faux cock against the entrance of her lovers most intimate region. Ruby again bucked her hips in muffled desperation, not allowing herself to call out for what she wanted so very much. Perhaps it were those years being a maid; so many years of being told it was best to keep quiet; to go by unnoticed. But Elizabeth didn’t want silence. Oh, no! She wanted the girl who lay on her table to scream! To call out and beg and pant for that slicked cock.

“Ruby.” Elizabeth spoke her lovers name, gently at first and then sharper when Ruby did not hear her the first time. “Ruby!” Finally, the writhing, near crying girl grew still, her hands clutching the sides of the narrow table. Elizabeth watched her, seeing the tears of need that slid silently down Ruby’s cheeks. Her face was flushed, her eyes red. Ruby looked like some child in those browned frocks she wore, but now she looked like the beautiful woman she was. Her hair lay splayed out against the table, blonde and glorious. Her lithe form was somewhat boyish, but it was gentle and young all the same. Her hips curved delicately, her breasts were small but her nipples so pert and willing. Elizabeth fought the urge to push the faux cock into her lover and bite at her nipples. “Ruby, darling, please...” Oh, it was hard to tell who was doing the begging, but Ruby had grown quiet and was now watching with focus her lovely mistress. Elizabeth spoke again to her, gently, as though you might someone who was wounded... or about to be. “Ruby, tell me that you want it. Tell me. Please...” Elizabeth stood near, keeping that leathery slick barely touching the slit of Ruby’s tight, virgin twat.

Finally, the younger girl overcame her inhibition. She forgot that she was the sputtering housemaid and became the craving woman she really was. “Oh, God! Elizabeth!” Tears again ran from her eyes, her lips quivering even as she spoke at her hips still moving in a slight motion of expectation. “Please, touch me! Please, Elizabeth!” The younger woman’s voice shook, but she arched her back with each sharp plea. “Elizabeth! Oh! Oh, please... please...” She hesitated, and despite the blush that crossed her features, finally called out. “Fuck me, Elizabeth! Fuck me!” And with those last few begging calls, Elizabeth drew close and closer, until the slippery head of the device pushed just into Ruby’s cunt. And when she’d gone in as far as she could slowly, she drew back and thrust hard into the younger woman. A sharp gasp fell from Ruby’s lips, and then a moan of wild pleasure as she rocked her hips in measure with Elizabeth’s pounding. The faux cock slid in and back out of her wet, near dripping nether regions. Elizabeth and moved up and grabbed her lover, tugging her up from the table to hold her close against her. Ruby’s bare breasts pressed near Elizabeth’s mouth and her nipple finally passed her lips. Elizabeth teased her breast with kisses before sucking at it with desperation, her nails digging into Ruby’s backside as she continued to thrust in and out like a man; pounding her, taking her, fucking her, just like she’d asked.

Watching young Ruby, it was easy to tell when she was nearing that edge of wild pleasure. Elizabeth knew at any moment Ruby’s body would give way to it and she would fall over that edge. “Elizabeth!” Ruby called out to her as her body began to tense, her hands reaching up to clench tightly to Elizabeth’s shoulders. Elizabeth lifted her head to kiss hard against Ruby’s mouth, her tongue dancing across the hot expanse of space to flutter at her lovers mouth. “Fuck.” Elizabeth muffled the sharp, dirty, wonderful word once more against her lover before a shudder and her whole body grew stiff. A moan fell heavy as the falling rain outside, and Ruby bucked against Elizabeth a few more sharp times, feeling the leathery cock filling and breaking in her slight form. She collapsed finally with a quieting moan, and Elizabeth wrapped her arms around the blonde, young woman, holding her close against her. “Shh...” Tears could be felt against Elizabeth’s shoulder and her neck as Ruby caved against her, keeping her body perched on that cock as though she were some statue in place at the square. “You’re a good girl, you are. Very, very good.” Elizabeth rubbed Ruby’s bare back, damp with sweat. The younger woman slowly tilted her head, speaking her words in a whisper against Elizabeth’s neck. “I shan’t ever want to leave you now.” The younger woman whispered quieter still. “I shan’t ever be able to see you and not want this.”

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