Thursday, August 18, 2011

Water-based lubricant?

Are you trying to figure out what water-based lubricant to buy? It's pretty tough- there are so many options. We sampled several different brands to see waht was our favorite. You can see our reviews by clicking the links.

Our favorites? The Moist lubricant and the Fun Factory Toyfluid. Click over to EdenFantasys to see why.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Erotica: Elizabeth and Ruby

Through the foggy pane of glass, Elizabeth could make out the form of her young maid. She looked almost angelic in the falling drizzle, her hair curling around her forehead and neck to make a sort of bright halo about her features. Ruby had been working for Elizabeth for nearly two month’s now, and they had fallen into quite the routine. Every morning the younger woman would rise to fetch her widow mistress water, heating it up for tea, sweetened with a bit of honey and a sprinkle of cinnamon. She’d then carry the drink upstairs on a tray, sitting it aside as she brushed through her mistress’s hair. Ruby had begun to enjoy this part of the morning, running her pale and slender fingers again and again through the older woman’s locks. She found herself taking time to work out the knots that sleep had made, teasing at them gently with the bristles of the wide, silver brush. 

Today though, was a morning unlike most. It had been raining for three days straight, or so it seemed, and the water was rising so that even leaving the house to fetch milk or eggs or even water became a chore. When Ruby finally ducked back in out of the rain, Elizabeth had gone downstairs to meet her, holding out a shawl to pull around the young woman’s shoulders. Ruby gave a bit of a start at the greeting of her mistress just inside and her cheeks flushed a quick pink. “Ms. Elizabeth, are you alright? Is something wrong? Might I fetch you something?” A look of concern touched Ruby’s features but it was slowly drawn away as Elizabeth shook her head, her darker hair brushing against her own flushed cheeks. “No. No, nothing’s wrong, Ruby. I’d only feared you catch cold out like that. I thought you’d like something warm.” 

Something warm indeed! Ruby frowned again and stepped up to take the shawl from her mistress, but Elizabeth drew back a step. “You ought to take that wet dress off first, Ruby dear.” Such endearing words caught the maid by surprise, and again her cheeks grew red. Ruby stared on at her mistress and slowly shook her head, her hands pressing against her chilled arms, water dripping lazily from her mussed, blonde hair. “Oh, Miss! I shan’t change here! Someone might see!”

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Firsts: phone sex

The first time I ever had phone sex was with Elle, in the middle of the night when we were living in different cities for the summer. She had spent years having phone sex with previous lovers and teasing internet dirty talk with strangers, but I had never done any real amount of either. She was determined that I would learn.

"What do you do when you have phone sex?" I asked her.

"You talk about dirty things, about what you would do if you were together, about fantasies you have... and you touch yourself," she said.

One night, late, when I was alone in my room far away from where she was alone in hers, she asked me to get the erotica book she'd bought for me off the top shelf of my closet so I could read some of it to her. I pulled it down and opened to one of the stories and began to read out loud, connected to her by phone lines.

The story was sexy, breathtaking, though I don't remember exactly what it was about. We are both word girls-- in life, and in sex. We both like the way sexual words feel on our tongues. I had read literotica for years, and Elle had both read and written some of her own, but I had never read it out loud to anyone. The hard, striking words (clit, cock, cunt, all those hard 'c' sounds) were always the ones that really got to me. Halfway through the first story, I slid my underwear off under the covers and held the phone on one shoulder and the book in one hand so I could touch myself with the fingers of my other hand. I kept reading, even as I dipped two of my fingers inside of me and used them to circle my clit until it was a hard little bead under my fingertips. I didn't have a toy, only myself, and I kept rubbing in lazy circles as I turned pages with my other hand. The first story ended, and the second began, and I kept reading even as I came hard in spasms that made my back arch and my toes curl.

I finished the story, and we moved on to talk about other things. I thought she had been doing the same thing to herself as I had been, and it wasn't until weeks later when I mentioned something about it that I found out that she hadn't been touching herself at all.


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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Femme with box of toys and a wild imagination seeks same.

So, Bee and I decided to make this blog for our own amusement and because we just joined a few days ago, and think it would be a fun, silly, exciting thing to do together. We plan on reviewing toys, sharing stories and probably lots of other dirty things. I'm a big fan of erotica, so I am sure I'll be writing plenty of that. And I know Bee will have lots to contribute. We're both very excited!

Right now, she's asleep in bed next to me, curled up beneath a blue blanket she's had since probably her first year of college. I love listening to her breathe, the way she startles every once in awhile when one of our cats bounds into the bedroom and back out again. Is it terrible that sometimes I forgot how long we've been together? Its mostly because it feels like such a long time. More than just the four years or so. I have learned how her body moves in sleep, the way her breath changes when she finally drifts off. 

Just watching her in sleep makes me ache to hold her.

Yes. I think its bedtime for me, too.

-- Elle